Usage Tips


  • To prolong the usage of our bottles, we recommend thoroughly cleaning the bottle with detergent that is not diluted to ensure that all grease or oil residue is completely removed before undergoing any sterilisation. Milk or oil residue that undergo heating processes may stain parts permanently.
  • Do remember to clean all sides as well as the base and covers of the bottles.
  • Do not boil bottles for more than 3 minutes.


  • Should you choose to sterilise by an electric steam steriliser, the sterilising instructions of the sterilisation devices should be carefully observed. All components should be completely taken apart to avoid different reactions of materials which can cause deformation. As our PPSU bottles are able to withstand -20°C up to 180°C in temperature; please do remember to check that your steriliser does not exceed the aforementioned temperature range.
  • We recommend waiting at least 15 minutes between sterilisation cycles”


  • Use of hand cream and/or sun cream may cause the print to fade.
  • Avoid opening storage containers immediately after taking out from the refrigerator or freezer. Allow it a few minutes to reach room temperature before opening. Alternatively, put storage containers in a bowl and pour hot water over it to reduce waiting time.

Twist to your right and lift up to open; Press down to close; Turn to your left to lock.

Twist to your right and lift up to open; Press down to close; Turn to your left to lock.

Simply swap pump adapter, feeding and storage lids for to seamlessly Express, Store or Feed in a single container.

Assembly Tips

Hegen Teat Assembly

Proper assembly is required to ensure a leakfree experience. Match the position of the anticolic air vent to the higher face of the collar with the Hegen logo, then pull the teat through the collar until it is snugly fitted (If you are able to pull the teat outwards through the collar, it is improperly assembled).

Hegen Seal Assembly

For an airtight, leakproof experience using Hegen breast milk storage containers, ensure the silicone seal is properly assembled.

Opening the Transparent Feeding Cap

To open transparent bottle cover, simply tilt cover backwards (do not pull upwards).