Hegen is now available in Malaysia!

We’re so excited to announce the good news – Hegen has officially landed in Malaysia! Hegen’s love is spread to mummies and babies in Malaysia and we wish to support their breastfeeding journey.

Hegen knows you well, mummies! You enjoy the special bond you have with him/her when you nurse your child – and Hegen is here to help! Our Hegen PCTO™ Express-Store-Feed system encourages, simplifies and complements a mother’s breastfeeding journey. Our modular all-in-one system allows you to collect, store and feed breast milk seamlessly. This minimises wastage and preserves precious nutrients, making every drop count!

Shout out to all mummies and daddies in Malaysia, get your hands on our unique square-shaped bottles and experience Hegen breastfeeding support system yourselves! Come join Hegen Malaysia to be part of the Hegen family. We are looking forward to your joining!

And good news, we are running a special launch promotion now! Hurry, get yours with our launch promo sets before stock runs out!

 Find out more about Hegen products here: https://www.hegenmalaysia.com/why-hegen/

Find our relevant distribution points/stores at https://www.hegenmalaysia.com/locations/

Follow us on @hegen.malaysia Instagram and @Hegen Malaysia Facebook for updated news!

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